Healing through conscious touch

Journey therapy

Journey experiential session (up to 3h)


Sinu seansid on “fikseeritud hinnasildi vabad” ja seda põhjusega – iga indiviid on unikaalne ja sama unikaalne on iga indiviidi kogetav väärtus seansi raames. Ning väljendada oma kogemuse väärtust rahas, tead õiglast panust vaid Sina.


Minu kingitus Sulle on pakkuda see võimalus!


Ma mõistan täielikult kui “fikseeritud hinnasildi vaba” lähenemine on pisut võõras ja ebamugavust tekitav, siis tea, et see pole minu eesmärk. Pakun Sulle allpool alternatiivset paindlikku hinnaskaalat, mille raames saad teha oma “väärtuse” panuse.


you are financially insecure


you are financially secure

Journey sessions are very individual and it would not be best to limit them by time. The average time spent on a session is about 2 hours, which is good to consider.

The Journey e Rännaku meetod

on emotsionaalse heaolu transformatsiooni- ja tervendamismeetod, mille on välja töötanud rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud bestsellerite autor, kõneleja ja keha ja vaimu tervendamise ekspert Brandon Bays.

How can Rännak support you?

Emotional Wellbeing - sin order to heal from the traumas of the past, you must experience forgiveness. People who are severely traumatized often express that they can never forgive what happened to them has happened or what has been done to them. Forgiveness plays a central role in Journey Therapy, and during the session you will come to understand that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

When we relive our emotional stories and keep them alive in this way, it is harmful to our health. Every time we repeat our emotional stories, whether in our minds or out loud, we re-enliven the emotion, which releases body chemistry in the brain, flooding every cell in our body. If such activity is repeated, continuous and prolonged, it inhibits the body's self-healing in such a way that the body can become physically ill. 

Forgiveness interrupts this process and allows the body to restore its self-healing function.

Emotions have a direct impact on our physical well-being. In the past, it was believed that our inherited genetics would determine our future, and that whatever diseases or conditions our ancestors had experienced would eventually become our own destiny.

Epigenetics has changed this perception and proved that we ourselves are responsible for the expression and well-being of our genes. Emotions turn our genes "on" and "off".

Depression is fast becoming a global epidemic. Approximately 350 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. It is considered the biggest "psychological" disorder in the Western world.

According to the direct experience and teachings of Kevin Billett, Brandon Bays husband and co-trainer, depression is a condition caused by learned unhealthy patterns and patterns of behavior. It's not an emotion.


Knowing that unhealthy behaviors are conditioned, it follows that many people can and have broken their cycle of depression using the Journey methods. 


About 7.4 billion people live on planet Earth. While there are more people on our planet than ever before, ironically, there is also more loneliness. Happiness is obviously not a numbers game. Many of us fall victim to the fairy tale that one day someone will come and save us and make us happy. Our goal is to meet our "soulmate" so that all our problems will magically disappear. Or we play the role of savior, protecting others from ourselves and life.

The truth is, none of these stories lead to happy endings. Instead, we need to understand that a healthy relationship "is an inside job" that starts with ourselves. At some turning point in our lives, we begin to realize that we are responsible for our own happiness and healing. Empowered by this truth, we make decisions based on freedom and learn to move towards life's possibilities guided by our inner knowing. Until we out of sync with ourselves we feel frustrated and lonely.