Healing through conscious touch

Mystic Kashmiri Tantra Massage

Mystic Kashmiri Tantra Massage

Sinu seansid on “fikseeritud hinnasildi vabad” ja seda põhjusega – iga indiviid on unikaalne ja sama unikaalne on iga indiviidi kogetav väärtus seansi raames. Ning väljendada oma kogemuse väärtust rahas, tead õiglast panust vaid Sina.


Minu kingitus Sulle on pakkuda see võimalus!

Ma mõistan täielikult kui “fikseeritud hinnasildi vaba” lähenemine on pisut võõras ja ebamugavust tekitav, siis tea, et see pole minu eesmärk. Pakun Sulle allpool alternatiivset paindlikku hinnaskaalat, mille raames saad teha oma “väärtuse” panuse.


you are financially insecure


you are financially secure

Mystic Kashmiri Tantra Massage

Kashmiri Tantra Massage is a deep and sensual massage ritual from Kashmir, a mystical part of northern India, where the masters of Kashmiri Tantra used this technique to heal the body, mind and soul.
What is Kashmiri Tantra Massage?
Kashmiri Tantra massage is like a path that leads us back to our body, which is too often "hijacked" by feelings of shame. By engaging our whole body in a loving understanding of touch, we have the opportunity to connect with that innocent child within us who was not "hijacked" by shame when born here and did not give sexual meaning to any touch we received. If we, as adults, give ourselves the opportunity to feel this kind of pure touch again, we also give our bodies the opportunity to get rid of the layers of shame that limit it.
The central role of Kashmiri Tantra massage is to connect the innocent inner child within us and the sexually mature adult. These are roles that are in all of us and are alive in time, and they are in constant conflict with each other, which creates internal conflicts, because there is no harmony.
The reason for this internal conflict is the pressure with which our society and culture have burdened us and the weak understanding of our own "self". We are anxious, afraid, dissatisfied and often feel needy, but most of us don't know what or why.
The tantric masters of Kashmir created this massage ritual to restore harmony and enable a sense of wholeness.
This massage is more intense than usual than other types of tantric massage, and this is primarily due to the body positions (asana) used. The positions used in Kashmiri Tantra massage place the client in several special positions, which in turn create a strong connection between the innocent inner child and the sexually mature adult.
Kashmiri tantric massage gently and respectfully covers the genital area by touching the entire body.
Benefits of Kashmiri Tantra Massage.
Kashmiri Tantra massage is rather a conscious spiritual practice and work with oneself. The session offers deep healing and relaxation. Freedom from control. Acceptance. Allow yourself to be in the moment without doing anything about it. It is a powerful process for removing various emotional and mental blocks and limitations from your body. Security and reliability are the key words that go along throughout the session.
By lying naked and being touched at the same time, it is possible to rediscover the innocent feeling that was characteristic of us before adolescence, when we discovered our bodies through self-touch without the slightest guilt or shame.
The purpose of this massage is to reconnect with your body and help you better listen to your body's wisdom . The session is the perfect environment to learn about the pleasurable part of your body and explore the erogenous zones that live in it. It is a beautiful opportunity to open up to intimacy and vulnerability and allow traumas to surface, heal and transform.
Praktiline info Kashmiri Tantra massaažile tulles.
Kashmiri Tantra massaaži seansi eelduseks on eelnevalt vähemalt ühe Tao Tantra massaaži seansil osalemine.
If you are coming to a session for the first time, please allow yourself about 3 hours (normal session duration is 2 hours) so that I have enough time to get to know you and explain to you what the session consists of and how it goes. 
Taking a shower is a prerequisite to start the session. Everything you need for this is available in the therapy room.
I have been initiated into Tao Tantra massage through the Tantra Essence Team with MA Ananda Sarita, Modestas Stonkus and Dharmaraj under guidance (https://balimassagetraining.com).